Hi there! We’re Matt and Alli Owen, two engineers who met, fell in love, and started on a health journey together. We both have different backstories, but one motivation: to be the healthiest version of ourselves for each other. We want to live long, fun, and prosperous lives filled with exciting adventures and meaningful experiences.

But see, we both had some challenges. Matt came from a family with a history of health issues like diabetes and cancer. Both his father and mother have had cancer and his grandmother had diabetes. His grandmother died of complications from diabetes and his father from his cancer. Luckily his mother is still here and healthy!

Alli struggled most of her adult life with hormonal imbalances, from PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) to acne to irregular cycles to a 30+ lbs weight gain in college. It wasn’t until she started a low carb lifestyle with intermittent fasting that she established a regular cycle, balanced out her hormones, and lost all of the weight she had gained.

These experiences and family history awakened us to becoming health conscious and when we found out about the anti-cancer and hormone balancing effects of a ketogenic lifestyle, we were floored. How amazing would it have been if this was more widespread and accepted in 2008 when Matt’s family needed it the most and when Alli was told she’d struggle to ever lose weight or have children due to PCOS?

We see the keto wave as a serious opposing force to this health crisis which has imposed so much harm on American families.

The keto diet can make the difference for many and we’re happy to be a part of the community.

Our motivation for starting Sweet Logic was to bring healthy treat options to those, like ourselves, following the ketogenic lifestyle.

We love our sweet treats and we know many others do too so we took our most deeply rooted cravings, developed keto friendly alternatives, and now we want to share them with you!

Check out our lines of sweet treats and please get in touch with us and share your story about your ketogenic lifestyle!