Keto Valentine's Day Heart 💝

Keto Valentine's Day Heart 💝

Recipe by @keto.anghellic

This was a 2 day process, but so much fun to put together! I found the heart box for 50% off at Michael's.

I used the Sugar Free Chocolate Truffles

My modifications - I used half Lily's sweets Salted Caramel baking chips & Ghirardelli 60% cacao baking bar.

The large white truffles are red velvet cake truffles I made with Sweet Logic Red Velvet Mug Cake and cream cheese, then dipped in melted Choczero white chocolate.

The pink hearts are solid white chocolate, colored with Wilton gel colors, and drizzled with milk chocolate.

I rolled the truffles in a few different toppings - shredded unsweetened coconut, Macadamia nuts, pecans, and cocoa powder. Just one was rolled in sprinkles.



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