7 Tips for a Smooth Keto Living

7 Tips for a Smooth Keto Living


1. Some things are better done together.

While some journeys need to be taken alone, dieting is better when you have a companion. Look for a friend, relative or join a support group. Having someone else to motivate or challenge you is beneficial, most especially when you feel like quitting or when you feel stressed out.

2. Stay in shape while having fun

It is essential that aside from keeping a diet plan, you also include exercising. Instead of seeing this as another task, take it as an opportunity to bond with family or friends.

For example, play a game of ball or go for a walk together.

3. Curb your appetite using Protein and Fiber
All this play will of course get your tummy growling. Before you go on an eating spree, you may want to have a drink.
Mix some keto-friendly chocolate, raspberries, and ice into a blend.
A teaspoon of chia seed is also advised.
The combination of protein and fiber will keep your hunger in check.

4. Combat hunger with Fat

Another option is to go for sweet or savory foods. However, keep in mind that fats are high in calories. As such, if you are trying to remain in the ketosis diet and maintaining regular exercise just opt for this once or twice a day.

5. Drink wisely

It is important to stay hydrated while quenching your thirst. While of course water is your go-to, some beverages can be taken under keto-diet. Unsweetened tea, black coffee, unsweetened milk are okay.
Call for celebration? Stick with one spirit-based drink mixed with sparkling water. Or fancy a glass of dry wine.

6. Predict Temptation

Be aware of your schedule and predict events that may tempt your palate. Be prepared and keep snacks in your bag like nuts and seeds so when temptation seeps in you can combat it.

7. Manage your stress

When you feel stressed out one thing you consider to de-stress is by stress-eating. Instead look for an outlet, keeping a journal, meditation, or evening yoga. Do this regularly, it will not only benefit your lifestyle but is good for your mental health as well.

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