Churro Waffles

Churro Waffles

Recipe by @heathercoxzzz

I used @eatsweetlogic Pancake and Waffle Mix which I love so much because all you need to add is water.

So convenient on busy mornings!


  • Mix 2/3 a cup of @eatsweetlogic's Pancake and Waffle Mix with 1/3 a cup of water.
  • Add 5 drops of cinnamon roll extract to give it that extra pop.
  • Pour the mix into my mini waffle maker and cooked till browned.
  • Spray it with coconut oil then put it in a bowl of 1 part cinnamon to 1 part sugar replacement.
  • Toss till coated.
  • Drizzle with chocolate sauce and caramel syrup

Super flavorful and quick!

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