Getting to know  "Dirty Keto"

Getting to know "Dirty Keto"

While browsing my social media feed the other day, I came across a post sharing their success story on Keto Diet, I was intrigued with what seems to be a different kind of approach to the Keto Diet.

Dirty Keto as it turns out, is also a low-carb, high-fat diet however the difference is from where you're getting them.

While our usual Keto dwells on nutritious sources, Dirty Keto focuses more on staying within the allowed macro limits of the Keto Diet.

Under this approach, fats are taken in higher amounts followed by proteins and carbohydrates.

If you are having a difficult time with the usual Keto and you would like to indulge still in eating processed or fast foods, or perhaps you find it a hassle to plan and prepare Keto-friendly foods then this is something you may wish to put into consideration.

This diet is not very particular with your food choice.

Dirty Keto allows you to eat generally a lot of processed food. While of course processed foods are not the healthiest choice for you, processed foods tend to have high amounts of sodium, additives.

The main difference between Keto and Dirty Keto is the source of food.

Under the Dirty Keto Diet, it's the number of macros that matter.

Fats make up to at least 65% - 75$ of the diet, since fats are the primary source of energy you should consume them in high quantities as your body would need fat to generate the energy it needs.

Second, protein constitutes 20% to 30% of the diet.

Protein is important as it aids in maintaining lean mass and repairing tissues.

Third, carbohydrates which you should keep to a minimum at least 5%. Keto Diet generally is a low card-diet so consuming a lot of Carbohydrates may remove you from the "keto-state"

These are the three things you need to consume if you are considering switching to Dirty Keto.

However, most nutritionists do not support this diet for the reason that the quality of what you eat is not considered.

But if you are finding the cleaner Keto Diet, you can take a shot at this approach.

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