How do you do keto on a budget? Resourceful Keto

How do you do keto on a budget? Resourceful Keto

When getting on board with the Keto-Diet, things may feel overwhelming.

There are a lot of things to absorb and moreover, some people think that taking this lifestyle will require an extensive change in the budget.

So how do you do keto on a budget?


  • Simplicity is best - You don't have to invest in a lot of ingredients to make your meals. Meat and veggies with a side of garden salad make a great lunch idea.


  • Reinvent Leftovers - Eye for ingredients that can make multiple meals instead of one. You can also prepare one meal to enjoy now and keep one in the fridge for later.


  • Plan your meals - Lay out a plan before going grocery shopping. By doing this you can plan around on the ingredients you will buy.


  • Buy fruits in Season - Shop for fruits and vegetables in season as this will get you the most savings. Take advantage of the low price of fruits in season by freezing up them up for future use.


  • Pick your top favorites - Write it down and select the meals that satisfy your cravings and can be prepared with minimal effort. But the ingredients for these so you have them handy always. This way, when you feel like going out to splurge in dining you'll just opt to whip a nice meal instead.


  • Shop Online - Shopping online saves time and a good way to keep yourself safe most especially in these times when most people are hesitant to go out. (link) you can check on these suggested items that are available and easily accessible to you.
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