Keeping Keto Journey Going

Keeping Keto Journey Going

So you have taken the road to Keto Diet, how do you stay in this lane?

Below are some things that can help you on track.

  1. Select the best route possible, Whole Foods are a good choice.

With today's trends making the keto diet popular, some companies label themselves as "keto-friendly" to get into the hype and monetize this opportunity. As such, be vigilant and don't get fooled.

Some common foods which are generally known to be healthy snack choice contain a big amount of carbs, sugar, and other sweeteners.

It would be better to get most of your keto foods from whole foods that include healthy fats and protein.

Vegetables and fiber are also a good option.

Eating whole foods is simpler and will eliminate your stress from discerning hidden ingredients that can affect your diet.

Consider shopping for foods and ingredients such as "these" (link)

  1. Make a habit to read signs.

There are times when your schedule won't allow you to DIY your meals.

At these moments take an additional step to read food labels as all packaged food contains labels that sum up what you need to know.

Look out for ingredients such as carbs and sugars that can sway you out of your new routine.

Some culprits as well could be those small candies you stash in your bag or pocket. Chewing gum, mints and the like can affect your diet and your ability to stay in ketosis.

  1. Snacks are your best friend on this drive.

Like driving, one of the biggest threats is swerving and ending in the wrong lane. If you feel like you're someone who would likely succumb to swerving, we recommend that you have a stash of keto-friendly foods around. Having keto-friendly foods readily available to you ensures that your body is continuously in ketone production and uses fat from your diet as your source of fuel.


It would be great if you can turn your lifestyle changes into new habits.

Before you know it, driving down this road will be natural to you.

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