Keto and Intermittent Fasting’s Pros and Cons

Keto and Intermittent Fasting’s Pros and Cons

Our scene-stealer recently is the combination of IF (Intermittent Fasting) and Ketogenic Diet.

Is this combo a hit or a miss?

IF, is a diet approach that has window hours for eating where you do not eat and drink caloric drinks for 16 hours during your day.

Meanwhile, if you want to have a fixed time you can try early time-restricted feeding.

Under this, there is no more than an eight-hour feeding window.

Like having an 8 am breakfast and late lunch at 4 pm

There are many encouraging points to combining keto and IF diets.

The ketogenic meal carries a low insulin burden, as such, it will be easier for your metabolism to handle. IF is a well-timed calorie restriction diet that will put your body in lower insulin levels and a ketogenic diet minimizes carbohydrates.

This double hit can be powerful which in the long run can enhance health span.

Aside from its metabolic advantage, there seems to be an appetite advantage too.

Some people who are under the diet claim that they are more satiated on ketogenic diets with IF.

Furthermore, being under calorie restriction intermittently may preserve muscle mass better.

However, like every other thing, this diet has its cons too.

Being too satiated may work against you if you wish to achieve a calorie count within a feeding window, as you may find it hard to eat enough food for proper recovery within the allowed period.

Also, people who cannot go for hours without snacking (people with a health condition such as diabetes) may find it difficult to undergo this diet.

Skipping a meal when you're out with your friends may also be difficult for you if you are on a feeding window.

Final thoughts, sustainability is one of the missing qualities in diet lifestyles.

As such, combining both of these diets can solve the dilemma of why they couldn't stick to their diet loss goal.

A well planned and formulated ketogenic diet countered with IF is a powerful tool that can help both improve your health and l take a load of your schedule.

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