Keto Fudge Brownie

Keto Fudge Brownie

Where are my Brownie lovers?! 

Weekends are for baking for me lately and this Fudge Brownie Mix was one of my creations!

Total people pleaser and so easy to make!

You’ll just need to add eggs, butter and water - I did half cream and half water though.

The instructions don’t actually say when to add them so I made the executive decision to add them after the mix when the dough was kinda thick
Cakey in texture when warm
Perfectly fudgy once cooled / out of the fridge

What else? 2g net carbs per slice and this is one of those where:

1️⃣ I doubt non ketoers could tell the difference between a sugary brownie
2️⃣ You’ll have to exert portion control
3️⃣ hm…I had a third point which escaped me  will edit when I remember 

You might know this brand from mug mixes. I’m planning to try a few of those soon too!

How is the perfect brownie for you? Under- or overbaked? Soft, cakey or fudgy and what would you add to the mix? 
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