Orange Almond Donut Holes

Orange Almond Donut Holes


I simply made the batter from Sweet Logic Morning Orange Almond Mug Cake Mix. I followed the instructions up until cooking them. Instead of making a mug cake, I used my cute little donut hole or cake pop maker.

After the donut holes were done baking, I placed them on a baking rack to cool. While my donut holes were cooling I lightly toasted up some chopped almonds in a pan. Next, I slowly melted 2 bars of Choczero White Chocolate Orange Peel Keto Bark in the microwave.

Once my donut holes were cooled I double dipped them into the melted chocolate and topped them with the toasted almonds.

I seriously still cannot believe how good these were. I highly suggest both the cake mix from Sweet Logic and the orange peel keto bark from Choczero both of these products blew me away!

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