Orange Almond Pistachio Rosewater Muffins

Orange Almond Pistachio Rosewater Muffins

Recipe by @keto.abg

Rose to the occasion to make these @eatsweetlogic delights — Orange Almond Pistachio Rosewater Muffins 🌹🍊

I took one package of @eatsweetlogic #ketofriendly Morning Orange Almond Muffin Mix and added: 1/4 tsp ground cardamom, 4 tbsp rose water, and 35g ground pistachios and followed instructions per packaging to make a dozen muffins.

I glazed some with a simple syrup made from a mixture of keto-friendly honey (1/4 c), allulose (1/4 c), rosewater (1/4 tsp) and water (1/4 c) and topped those with crushed pistachios and Suncore Foods rose petals. I tried making a rosewater sugar glaze with powdered monkfruit and that didn’t turn out very well as you can see 😅 (if you have a good sugar glaze recipe, send one my way 🙏). They’re also great (and pretty) just plain! 

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