Quarantined While On Keto? Try This!

Quarantined While On Keto? Try This!

Keto diet beginners might be finding it difficult to deal with their cravings as most stores are running low on supplies. Moreover, with everyone stuck at home because of COVID-19, we totally get you if this unhealthy combination of cravings and isolation is driving you crazy!   

Your healthy snacking habits must have gone for a toss during this pandemic because there are hardly any keto-friendly, gluten-free options that are actually palatable. Running low on snacks and coupled with all the stress and the tension, your sweet tooth must be screaming out to you for some delectable delights!  

So, what’s the solution? What can you have that will make you go mmmm while not sending your diet plan into a tizzy? We have an answer: a yum keto chocolate cake in a mug.   

Chocolate Cake? Are You Serious?   

Oh yes, we’re dead serious. Nothing will lift your spirits more than a delicious, and moist chocolaty cake for one. This is no less than a warm hug and we know how much you require one in these difficult times.   

Our fluffy, sweet, keto-friendly cakes are low on carbs and wholesome too. What’s more, the ones that can be made in a mug are your perfect quarantine food because:   

 The mix will last you for a long, long time. 

 All you need is a mug, some butter, an egg and of course, Sweet Logic’s decadent cake mix! 

 It’s filled to the brim with chocolate that will take care of your cravings for good. 

 Your kids will love it and they won’t suffer from a sugar rush after emptying the mug in a blink of an eye!  

 It only takes 2 minutes to get it ready! 

Heard enough? Try one of our mug cakes for Free!

If you are looking for sugar-free chocolate mixes, then without a doubt, Sweet Logic should be your go-to choice. Protein-rich, concocted of natural ingredients and using no sugar in the entire process, this is a favorite of thousands of people! The use of allulose and stevia instead of sugar also means that diabetics can have this when they are craving something that melts in the mouth and is naturally sweet too.   

Just so you know, allulose keeps blood sugar levels in check and shields the pancreatic cells that produce insulin. On the other hand, stevia is a natural sweetener that is known to have 0 calories and is 200 times sweeter than your everyday sugar. So, a keto-friendly mug cake is not the same as a store-bought, carb-rich gateau.   

So what are you waiting for? Dig into your keto chocolate cake in a mug today!



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