Six Potential reasons why you may not be losing weight on keto

Six Potential reasons why you may not be losing weight on keto

Understanding how we lose weight is essential in this diet.

Here are eight reasons why you may not be reaching your weight loss goal despite your best efforts.

  1. You might be consuming too much fat.

One common mistake under this diet is the presumption that you can eat as much fat as you want and still lose weight.

It is important to note that anything in excessive amounts is not good. Overfeeding on fat in a calorie surplus will stall your weight loss. 

  1. Excess intake of calories.

Under this diet, we don't need to count our calorie intake. However, this does not mean this is not important.

If you are struggling to lose weight, you may be overeating. Try to be cautious and check the nutritional content of your meals.

Drinking too many calories can be a potential issue as well. It is easy to consume an excessive amount of calories without realizing it.

While your satisfaction may be covered by a buttery creamy coffee using butter or cream in large amounts may hinder your weight loss.

  1. Eating too many carbs

It is easy to eat more carbohydrates than expected without noticing, and this can potentially stall weight loss efforts on a keto diet.

  1. Not eating too much protein.

It is important to note that sufficient protein intake should decrease appetite.

Higher protein intake on a ketogenic diet appears to have a positive impact on weight loss.

  1. Lack of Sleep

Losing weight is not only about what we eat and don’t eat.

Our lifestyle plays a big impact on our weight loss efforts too.

Some studies show that sufficient sleep is crucial to successful weight loss. Not getting much sleep slows down our metabolism and thus we less use energy.

Our body then becomes resistant to insulin and leads to our food cravings.

  1. You’re suffering from stress

Is everything alright? Are you feeling anxious or stressed out lately?

One important thing that we must always do in diet or not should be assessing our mental health.

Stress is associated with a lot of health issues and one of them is weight gain.

A well-balanced and formulated ketogenic diet can support healthy and effective weight loss.

The key is to research, look out for yourself and continuously learn about your diet.
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