Sweet Like Sugar

Sweet Like Sugar

One of the health benefits of the Keto Diet is that you are encouraged to rid yourself of sugar cravings. However, you don't need to say goodbye to the sweet life.
There are non-caloric sugar substitutes that will still allow you to enjoy the sweetness without the carbs. It is important first to know what sweeteners to avoid. Cane sugar/table sugar, honey, maple syrup, sugar, raw sugar, coconut sugar are among them.

I see you raising your eyebrows, so what can you enjoy instead?
Here are some friendly sweeteners that can pose as an alternative. All the sweetness you can get without the calories and carbs.

1. Natural Sweeteners
  • Stevia - From the plant Stevia rebaudiana, also known as "sugar leaf". This is very easy to find in grocery stores and some restaurants offer this as well. This sweetener is sweeter than your usual sugar and can be found in both powder and liquid concentrate.
  • Allulose - Made up of monosaccharide that can be found in wheat and fruits such as jackfruit, raisings. Allulose has no glycemic index or net car content which is why the body does not metabolize this
2 . Sugar Alcohols

Several sugar alcohols can be found naturally in fruits and vegetables. Erythritol, Xylitol, Mannitol, and Lactitol are what you call sugar alcohols with Zero net carb.
These are great tasting with the least digestive issues.

3. Artificial Sweeteners

Commonly made from plants or even sugar. However, this is still currently debatable in the community as there are concerns that it stalls weight loss and may raise blood sugar.
Sucralose or known more commonly as Splenda, and Aspartame are popular artificial sweeteners but not highly recommended.

Like everything else, your reaction to sugar substitutes can be different.
We recommend trying out what alternative sugar suits you best.
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