Triple Chocolate Mug Cake and Peanut Butter Cookie

Triple Chocolate Mug Cake and Peanut Butter Cookie

Recipe by @bombshell.keto

I have a major sweet tooth and when I'm craving something easy and delicious I grab @eatsweetlogic mug cake! 

They are super simple and super delicious with great ingredients and no sugar and alcohols which I LOVE!

The cool thing too is they have mug cookies as well.

Today I made their Triple Chocolate Mug Cake with Peanut Butter Cookie

I cooked them in small Tim rounds at 350 degrees for 12 minutes (Peanut Butter Cookie) and 15 minutes (Triple Chocolate) but they easily be done as usual in the microwave for only 1 minute (check the back of the packaging).

I used some PB2 powder mixed with sugar free maple syrup to make a little drizzle on the cookie and made an icing for the cake using a tablespoon of Sweet Logic Allulose and a dash of coconut milk. Soooo Amazing!!!

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