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Does Keto Work?

Keto Works! The Keto Lifestyle has gained popularity in the healthy lifestyle department as many have taken into consideration it's potential benefit. Despite it's moderate protein content, the ketogenic diet is characterized by a high-fat content that usually ranges from 70-80% which is key when trying to shed some weight. Debunking Keto Myths Eating loads of food with high fat and high calories - False Going on Keto Diet will deprive you of the nutrients that you need - False Keto Diet can lead to processing health issues - False According to studies, most people have not set a plan or haven't mapped out a specific strategy before entering a strategic diet such as Keto. Most bad experiences from Keto...

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Ultimate Keto Carrot Mug Cake

Recipe by @hendersonketogirl What a wonderful tasty mug cake by @eatsweetlogic . The very best of ingredients are used. I made their Ultimate CARROT MUG CAKE. I added some shredded carrot & chopped walnuts to the mug cake mix & in less than 80 seconds, I had a mug cake. I made some cream cheese frosting & added chopped walnuts on top. It was enough for hubby and I to share.

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Recipe by @deb.makes.lowcarb.delish Instructions: Preheat oven to 350 degrees.In a large mixing bowl,Mix together 4 eggs,1 tsp vanilla extract,1/2 tsp strawberry extract,6 Tablespoons melted butter,Fold in 1/2 cup chopped fresh strawberries (about 2.5 oz), and1/4 cup Choc Zero milk chocolate chipsAdd the muffin mixture to 8-9 muffin cups. While they sit, make strawberry crumb topping.Strawberry Crumb Topping: In a separate bowl mix together,2 Tablespoons melted butter1/2 cup almond flour1 Tablespoons sweetener such as @eatsweetlogic Logica1 Tablespoons of crushed, unsweetened, dried strawberries (make your own, or I purchase at Aldi)1 heaping Tablespoon Choc Zero chocolate chipsMix this all together.Sprinkle the crumb topping over the muffins.Place Muffins in a preheated oven.Half way through the baking cycle lightly place a sheet of foil over the muffins to prevent...

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Keto Chocolate Waffles

Recipe by @danylasjourney For this yummy waffles I just used 1 pkt of @eatsweetlogic triple chocolate mug cake mix & followed the directions on the back then I cooked it in my mini dash waffle maker.I ain’t no Betty Crocker so these mixes are perfect for this momma. Super clean ingredients (swipe for nutritional facts). Thanks again @eatsweetlogic for sending me these to try. Can’t wait to try the other flavors.  

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Easter Carrot Cake Waffles

Recipe by @heathercoxzzz Oh man these were so good! Perfect for Easter breakfast! I used @eatsweetlogic Ultimate Carrot Mug Cake but instead of cooking it in a mug I put it in my mini dash waffle machine.🥕I melted a tablespoon of butter.🥕Add in the mix.🥕Crack in 1 egg.Mix well.Spray the machine.🥕Pour in half the batter for each waffle.🥕Cook for a minute or so till browned and cooked through.I added a little of the sweetened cream cheese mixture I made the other day for my hot cross buns. The recipe is on that post about 4 back. I just added a drop of orange food coloring.The leaves are microgreens.I topped with some sea salt roasted pecans from Front Porch Pecans and sugar free syrup...

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