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Keto Diet Checklist

✔ Carb Intake It is advisable to consume 20 Net Carbs Daily, you can get your carbs from non-starchy vegetables You can also eat carbs with either fat or protein ✔ Sufficient Protein If you are living a sedentary lifestyle, intake 0.69- 0.8 grams per pound of lean body mass. Meanwhile, if you are mildly active a good 0.8 to 1 gram per pound of lean body mass is ideal. ✔ Loads of Healthy Fats In keto, fat intake is the main source of energy as it boosts metabolism and provides key macronutrient requirements.Keep in mind as well that daily fat intake varies by body size. When in doubt, eat fewer carbs and more fat. ✔ Stay Hydrated Most people forget this, but...

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Red Velvet Birthday Mug Cake

Recipe by @pursuegoodfood Ingredients: 1 @eatsweetlogic Red Velvet Mug Cake Mix2 Tbsp flour 1 Tbsp water1/2 Scoop Nuzest vanilla4 Tbsp less fat cream cheeseLemon zestSprinkles!!!! Instructions: Pour Sweet Logic Red Velvet Mug Cake Mix to mug Add 2 Tbsp + 1 tbsp water to mug and stir well Add 2 Tbsp flour, 1/2 Scoop Nuzest vanilla, 4 Tbsp less fat cream cheese and Lemon zest then mix together Microwave for 30 seconds Add sprinkles on top to make it perfect for your birthday!

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Earth Day Waffle 🌎

Recipe by @heathercoxzzz Happy Earth Day! I made the kids some earth pancakes so I didn’t want to be left out 😄I used @eatsweetlogic Pancake and Waffle Mix with a little food coloring and put it in my bydash waffle machine. Super easy and so delicious! @eatsweetlogic mix is so easy because all it needs is water and it’s super sweet and smells delicious. Even after the girls ate their pancakes Zaida demanded some of mine. She gave it 2 thumbs up!

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Triple Chocolate Cake

Recipe by @lady_of_keto Used @eatsweetlogic Triple Chocolate Cake Mix. Added in some chocolate chips inside the cake. For my frosting, I melted up some more chocolate chips with coconut oil and poured on top. Finished by adding more chips and white chips. Super moist and super good.

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Strawberry Chocolate Mug Cake

Recipe by @foreverjunge I love my mug cake packets!! They are ready to go whenever I am having a sweet tooth!! And they are Keto friendly with clean ingredients! Instructions: 1. Melt 1 TBSP butter into a microwave safe mug (use oil for dairy free) 2. Pour in Sweet Logic Chocolate Mug Cake Mix. 3. Crack 1 egg into your mug and stir well. 4. Microwave for 1 minute. 5. Top it with whipped cream & strawberries!     

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